Cristyn DaviesSenior Research Associate, Discipline of Child & Adolescent Health, University of Sydney

    Cristyn is taking part in the panel discussion ‘Raising our voice: advocacy and owning future change’ during this years conference alongside Michelle Telfer and Isabelle Langley, whom is representing young persons.

    Cristyn Davies is a board director at Twenty10 Incorporating GLCS NSW, which is a New South Wales based non-governmental organisation focused on the health, wellbeing and support of LGBTIQA+ young people and adults. She is also a senior medical researcher at The University of Sydney Children’s Hospital Westmead Clinical School, Australia, and an invited adjunct scholar to Sexualities and Genders Research (SaGR), Western Sydney University, Australia. Her research program includes 1) Adolescent knowledge about HPV vaccination; psycho-social outcomes, and vaccination uptake in school based and clinic vaccination programs in Australia; 2) Vaccination delivery systems; 3) Gender and sexuality diversity in children and young people with a focus on health, wellbeing, and educational outcomes; 4) Health education and Sexual Health and Relationships education both at school and in clinical/other environments for children and young people; 5) Qualitative research methods, design, consultation and analysis; 6) Implementation Science and Knowledge Translation.

    Cristyn is committed to using evidence-based research to close the gap between research and its translation into policy and practice to impact the lives, health and wellbeing of gender and sexuality diverse people, especially children, adolescents and young adults. She aims to bridge the gap between academic work, policy and practice in real world settings, and to do so in applied, accessible and impactful ways for key-stakeholders, service and program end-users. She is particularly passionate about the rights of gender diverse and transgender children and adolescents, especially their access to appropriate gender care in the Australian health system. Cristyn recently advocated for LGBT human rights, and improved access to HPV vaccination and cervical screening for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, at the United Nations Human Rights Council.

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