Kareem El-AnsaryAustralian Youth Representative to the United Nations

    Kareem is Australia’s Youth Representative to the United Nations for 2019. This year, he will complete Australia’s largest face-to-face consultation of young people. His mission is to amplify their voices and ensure young people are given platforms to participate in decision making. In 2019, Kareem will seek to better understand the issues most affecting young people in Australia and communicate these issues to decision makers at all levels of government as well as at the UN General Assembly.

    Kareem has a passion for volunteer work and social impact having worked across the non-profit, development and youth sectors for the past two years. He has diverse experience working with young people in Australia and abroad.

    Kareem completed his Bachelor of Arts (BA) in 2017 at the University of Melbourne. Following University, Kareem took up a role with the Oaktree Foundation, a leading youth-led aid and development agency where he ran the ‘Live Below the Line’ campaign, one of Australia’s largest digital fundraisers tackling extreme poverty.

    Following Oaktree, Kareem became CEO of the Asia-Pacific Youth Organisation (APYO); an Australian based NGO working to build platforms across the Asia-Pacific region that build the capacity and influence of young people.

    In 2018, Kareem was named a ‘Global Shaper’ by the World Economic Forum and is also one of four young board members of the Youth Affairs Council of Victoria (YACVic); Victoria’s peak body and leading policy advocate for young people’s issues.

    Beyond his professional work, Kareem is an avid traveller, reader, musician and actor having been involved with a number of theatre companies across Melbourne.


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